Our Websites


We have been working on three websites, or three projects,  each for a specific purpose.



This is our main website where we have uploaded more than 500 high quality mp3 audios. The primary audience of IslamicLectures.net has been the Urdu/Hindi speaking brothers and sisters. So almost all the duroos/lectures are in Urdu/Hindi.

The website contains weekly duroos, in-depth/short courses. They include the islamic courses for sisters also. We have been facing a lag in recent couple of years in uploading the audio’s due to a continuous series of duroos and scarcity of helping hands. But, we will synchronize the system as soon as possible, in sha Allah.

IslamicLectures.net is our main website which we dearly cherish. We are thankful to Allah for enabling us to do this noble work, and we expect a reward in aakhirah for all the work from Him alone subhanahu wa ta’aala.


The purpose of this website is to provide you  with authentic data in the form of PDF files. Our goal behind this website is to make the website one place to find almost all the authentic books available on the internet. The scattered nature of all the resources has made the task of finding the desired islamic material tiresome and frustrating for many.

We also plan to ‘provide‘ you with islamic study resources neatly categorized according to language, topics and authors. Knowledge should be attained not randomly but step by step in a properly guided and graded manner. Hence, one of our main goals is to create a library of course-material on three levels, primary, secondary and advanced, so as to help those seeking knowledge and keep them from making mistakes in prioritizing the reading selection in their pursuit of knowledge.

This project is in its primary stage and we will soon begin the work on this, in sha Allah.


Dawah of Islam is one of the primary responsibilities of this ummah; and the age of communication has created huge possibilities for us in fulfilling this task. Our reach has grown enormously. It is so easy today to make the message of Islam known to people across the world even when you are bound to one place.

The purpose of this website is to provide authentic Islamic knowledge non-Muslims in a simple way, unadulterated with deviant philosophies; also removing doubts and refuting false claims, answering allegations and refuting illogical arguments against Islam and the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.


This is just the beginning. We request all our brothers and sisters to ask Allah’s help for our cause. May Allah accept all our efforts. because everything is vain if not accepted by Allah subhanahu wa taaala.

Your brother, abuzaidzameer